Robert Albert

Robert joined ATPCO after Routehappy was acquired in February 2018. Robert started Routehappy in 2010 to help airlines and distributors differentiate and better monetize flight shopping while improving the consumer flight shopping experience. As the Founder & CEO, Robert led the creation of industry standardized airline rich content, including UPAs (Universal Product Attributes), Amenities, and UTAs (Universal Ticket Attributes), allowing airlines to distribute rich content easily in any sales channel. At ATPCO, Robert has ensured the full integration of Routehappy into ATPCO with a focus of scaling Routehappy Content and making retailing a core offering of ATPCO. Prior to Routehappy, Robert was VP Media, Travelocity and General Manager, Site59. Robert brought deep industry experience and entrepreneurial spirit to ATPCO’s transformation objectives. He will remain Senior Advisor & Consultant to ATPCO.

Our retailing foundation is set: Robert Albert transitions from full-time role
Dear colleagues,I’ve decided it’s time for me to move on from my full-time role, after guiding Routehappy for the past decade since its...