COVID-19: A letter from our President and CEO, Rolf Purzer

18 March 2020
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I hope you and your family are doing well in this time of extraordinary challenge to our industry.

This is unlike anything we have seen before, and while that may feel daunting, I want to personally assure you that our core focus and essential purpose remain the same: operational reliability and the timely distribution of airline content around the world.

As an airline-owned platform helping over 440 airlines to reach all channels, we understand how difficult this situation is, we understand your challenges and priorities, and we will be here to help you re-emerge successfully.  

Keep in mind, the airline industry is one of the most dynamic and resilient industries in the world. As we get through this, we will work together to apply new creativity in order to reestablish the momentum and global economic contribution our industry generates.

As this situation evolves, all our regular communication channels will remain open. We will continue to collaborate across the industry, moving customer events to a virtual format, so that we mitigate COVID-19 transmission concerns in the near term while allowing you to maintain operations as we move through this.

ATPCO has served the airline industry as a trusted utility for over 55 years. Rest assured we will have your back through this. If you have any questions or concerns, I welcome you to reach out.

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Many thanks,

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