ATPCO causes the right kind of disruption

12 September 2018
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Disruption is a word that gets thrown around all too easily in our industry.

Between new startups, emerging tech, and legacy carriers, we’re all trying to find the next big disruptive innovation that sends the industry into a new era. But ideas so rarely come to fruition. Why? Because ideas aren’t fleshed out, only one side of problems are addressed, and the input of the end user is so rarely considered.

That’s where ATPCO, the industry’s data powerhouse, stands apart. After a year of working here as the Director of the Revenue Accounting portfolio, I’ve discovered we do disruption differently. We look at problems from all angles, we’re listening, and we’re taking notes. So, when it came time to build an enhanced ISR and Revenue Accounting Settlement Services (RASS), we were ready.

You asked for something that connects your distribution world and revenue accounting world. You asked for better tax data and calculation. You asked for a way to have fewer rejections with interline settlements. After gathering feedback from you, the airlines, we started with a vision, one that revolutionizes the revenue accounting world of your business.

ATPCO is working on our newest disruption innovation, Record 83 and Record 98, calculated and automated tax calculations.

Our approach was to build off your current revenue accounting systems, not make you overhaul your infrastructure. You just add them into your current ISR files.

This is what they do:

Record 83 acts as the perfect auditing tool for your sales data. Our engines audit your taxes against the industry standards, making sure you’re collecting the right amount of taxes. You won’t have to worry about miscommunicating tax information between your distribution and revenue accounting groups. It closes the gaps and will even help make your airline’s internal workflows grow more efficient.

Record 98 automatically calculates taxes into the correct prorate amount, from ticket to coupon level, ensuring you’re always sending the right amount to your interline partners. You’ll save time and money by lowering the number of disputes and rejections (up to 40% of your first-stage rejections).

My team and I are here to talk more about the disruption we’re creating in the industry and welcome any feedback about Record 83 and Record 98. Contact us any time or visit us in person at Booth 27 during the WFS Conference in Madrid on 17–19 September.


By Christian Albrespy

Christian brings over 20 years of experience in airline revenue accounting, interline, and process improvement to ATPCO. Since taking over the revenue accounting portfolio in 2017, Christian integrated Taxes in 2019, allowing ATPCO to build the Automated Tax Reference and close the current gaps between the Distribution and the Settlement process. He’s dedicated to creating a new standard in revenue accounting that will lower rejections, closing gaps in the interline fare life cycle, and supporting NDC (New Distribution Capability). His goal is to support his Revenue Accounting airline colleagues in their journey to generate immediate savings, particularly important during this recovery period.