It's Time to Give Travelers What They Want

1 February 2018
view of airport from above

We're used to seeing photos of products and hotel rooms and knowing what amenities are available before we hit that “Buy” button. The airline industry is too smart to be left behind.

It's time.
ATPCO, the world leader for airline pricing and shopping data, is acquiring Routehappy, the leading provider of rich content for flight shopping. This is how we’re leading the way to create an industry standard for airline rich content. It’s natural for us to join forces.

A new industry standard.
Together we can drive innovation, reduce complexity, and deliver network economics to the entire distribution ecosystem. We’re creating a trusted industry standard for rich content and helping to bring a better merchandising experience to everyone.

Who benefits? Everyone.
Airlines can consistently display their offers in all points of sale, complete with enticing, targeted images and video that boost conversion rates through a set of trusted industry standards.

Sellers and distribution partners can trust that they have the most comprehensive pricing data and complementary rich content to accurately describe each airline’s offer.

Travelers get more information about flights to make smart purchasing decisions, no matter where they are shopping.

Empowering smart connection of all content through all channels.
When you combine the startup-style innovation from Routehappy with ATPCO’s reach and expertise, you can get your rich content plans in motion.

Connect with us to explore the possibilities that rich content can offer.

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By Megan Beardsley

A relative newcomer to the travel and aviation industry, Megan brings to her job fresh insight and a wealth of expertise and best practices from over 20 years in marketing. She has worked in a range of high-level strategic, creative and user experience roles. These roles were for top advertising agencies such as McCann as well as entertainment leaders such as Disney. At ATPCO, Megan and her team create and manage highly targeted rich content to help their airline clients make the most of their product in the eyes of their customers. They also work closely with their Channel Retailing colleagues to get that content distributed to as many sales channels as possible. Megan is a graduate of Amherst College, MA, has degrees from the Sorbonne and the ESIT in Paris, and was a Fulbright scholar to Germany. She is bilingual in English and French, and fluent in German.