Welcome to ELEVATE 2018!

14 August 2018
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ATPCO Consulting: The Art of Networking, and Free Giveaways
Congratulations! Your company made the decision to send you to Elevate 2018 and you will have plenty of opportunities to socialize with like-minded colleagues. But how will you make the most of your time, bring value back to your organization, and take advantage of all that ATPCO and Elevate have to offer?

For many people, networking at a big event can be very uncomfortable. Maybe you’re new to the industry and are a bit intimidated by seasoned industry players with their vast knowledge and experience. Maybe you‘re not the type of person to just walk up to a stranger and introduce yourself. Or maybe you’re concerned your language skills will be a barrier. Whatever the reason, don’t let it keep you from taking full advantage of this amazing opportunity to interact with industry colleagues, ask questions, learn new things, grow your own personal network and expand your skill set.

Here are a few networking tips.
Elevate 2018 will have over 13 hours of networking scheduled to meet, greet, and collaborate with your peers, ATPCO team members, and industry experts. This is your opportunity, as everyone is here for the same reason—to explore our industry’s current and future landscape, so focus on that as your opening to start a conversation. Ask opinions on keynotes, industry trends, or even the previous night’s social event. You’ll find that other people are looking for ways to network too, and are willing to share stories, especially about themselves, their countries and their areas of expertise. Take the risk and step out of your comfort zone. Introduce yourself, ask questions, gain knowledge, and embrace the opportunity. It will make the event more enjoyable for you and the information you return home with will be more beneficial for your colleagues back at the office who weren’t lucky enough to attend in person.

Meet ATPCO Consulting at the Pavilion.
A great way to get comfortable is to start by meeting the Consulting team at our booth in the Pavilion on Wednesday, 10 October. We’re a friendly group and we welcome the opportunity to discuss our creative solutions to solving some of the most complex commercial problems and workflow issues facing airlines today. Plus, if you register for Elevate before 15 September, ATPCO Consulting will provide a FREE customized individual carrier data snapshot full of interesting and useful facts about your specific ATPCO data. That gives you a great opening line: “Hi, I’m here for my free snapshot…”!

Register to win the Grand Prize!
When you do stop by our booth, don’t forget to register to win an amazing prize: Two days of free ATPCO Consulting services at your organization’s home office! This prize is valued at over USD 12,000 and will be raffled off at the close of the day October 10. Don’t miss your chance to build lasting relationships through networking, get your free carrier snapshot and possibly be the lucky winner of this incredible prize! We look forward to seeing you in October!    


By David Julias

David brings over 20 years of ATPCO, airline pricing, distribution, and fare management experience to his current role providing customers with innovative solutions across a wide spectrum of fare and fare-related issues. Having created the ATPCO Consulting team in 2012, the department has grown to a staff of five and realized departmental revenue growth averaging more than 20% per year. In addition to his many years of ATPCO experience, David spent six years as an air pricing consultant with Sabre Airline Solutions, where he participated in nine PSS migrations and specialized in the implementation of automated exchange and refund projects. David holds degrees in international relations and business administration from Jacksonville University in Florida and is conversant in Spanish. An avid traveler and outdoorsman, David has visited over 90 countries, enjoys golf, baseball and hiking, and summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2013.