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Welcome to ELEVATE 2018!
  ATPCO Consulting: The Art of Networking, and Free GiveawaysCongratulations! Your company made the decision to send you to Elevate 2018 and...
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What Every B2B Company Can Learn about Customer Experience from Renting a Bike
  I’d used a bike share once before in the States a couple of years ago, but the industry has come a long way from swiping a credit card to...
Industry insights
The proof: A woman’s place is in the cockpit - and the developer’s chair
  Getting the right leaders in the right seats, with a diversity of perspectives, is critical to a healthy business. It drives customer...
Getting back to basics to boost your bottom line: ATPCO 101 Seminars
  Revenue Management is extremely critical to the success of an airline, but pricing terms and ATPCO concepts often fly right over the heads...
What the World Cup teaches us about our beautiful game: Data
  The world is watching. Amid the steady work and common concerns of our days, for one exalted month people all over the world share in the...
A judge's view: IATA’s AIR Hackathon gives lift to innovative ideas
  AIR Hackathon was held 8-10 June 2018 at Organization of American States Building in Washington, DC.“Leading innovation is not about...
Five Secrets for Building a Platform for Industry Innovation
  It’s easy for a company that’s been around for more than 50 years to just keep trundling along as always—but we haven’t. This is what we...
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NDC: Luxury or Necessity?
  What is NDC?IATA collaborated with the industry to develop the NDC (New Distribution Capability) program as a standard for travel industry...
Industry insights
Building the Future Together
  Airline Distribution is Changing A scan of the travel trade headlines tells you everything. Dynamic Pricing is here! NDC: A Tipping Point?
Elevate 2018: you don’t want to miss this party
  Driving innovation through dataWhat propels innovation in air travel? Some may argue it’s the big airlines, or the disruptors, or simply...