Using rich content to answer the changing questions of flight shoppers

16 April 2020
atpco reassurance upas

It’s fair to say that these are times unlike any we’ve experienced before. The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc around the world. Our industry is under unprecedented pressure, and the future remains hard to read. How fast will recovery take place once it begins? Will it be v-shaped or w-shaped?

I can’t answer these questions but I’m confident that we will fly again. We’ll fly for work, for adventure, for love, family and friendship. Flying will allow us to come together in ways that feel even more meaningful after isolation. But we’ll need answers to different questions before we buy a ticket. We’ll want to know how our experience will be different than before, and what airlines are doing to keep us safe.

Airlines know this already. You can see it in how they’ve quickly adapted their booking, cleaning and service procedures, and you can read about it in their crisis communications. ATPCO has used those communications to create, maintain, and publish Reassurance UPAs (visual rich content) for close to 90 airlines. This timely, targeted content lets flight shoppers know about those important measures at the point of sale in as many channels as possible, and we’re making it available for free. 

ATPCO reassurance UPAs

As airlines modify their flexible booking policies, enhanced cleaning, and air filtration procedures, real-time safety measures, and more, this innovative form of rich content can help passengers understand quickly changing situations. We’re also using UPAs to let people know about special requirements related to their origin and destination, such as mandatory quarantine policies.

When the crisis has abated, hopefully in a few months, we will evolve or turn off those Reassurance UPAs, and slowly start planning trips to see our loved ones again. But I don’t believe the questions of safety this crisis has raised will ever completely disappear. I know my team, the Airline Retailing team, will continue to explore the right way to cover these topics with our airline customers as the crisis recedes. This way we can let flight shoppers know what they need to know for their health and safety, in addition to illustrating the comfort of a seat or the deliciousness of a meal. 

As our airline customers continue to adjust their processes to make the flight experience as safe as possible for crew members and passengers, the Airline Retailing team will continue to work closely with them to make their efforts known. We’ll leverage the flexibility of our publishing tools so we can get the right message out at the right time, wherever passengers are buying flights. 

Please let us know if we can help you in this effort, too.


By Megan Beardsley

A relative newcomer to the travel and aviation industry, Megan brings to her job fresh insight and a wealth of expertise and best practices from over 20 years in marketing. She has worked in a range of high-level strategic, creative and user experience roles. These roles were for top advertising agencies such as McCann as well as entertainment leaders such as Disney. At ATPCO, Megan and her team create and manage highly targeted rich content to help their airline clients make the most of their product in the eyes of their customers. They also work closely with their Channel Retailing colleagues to get that content distributed to as many sales channels as possible. Megan is a graduate of Amherst College, MA, has degrees from the Sorbonne and the ESIT in Paris, and was a Fulbright scholar to Germany. She is bilingual in English and French, and fluent in German.