What are standards and how do they affect the airline industry?

18 August 2020

snapshot of atpco standards

What are standards and why do we need them? What does ATPCO have to do with making standards? How do standards affect me as an ATPCO customer? 

Great questions! I'm so glad you asked. Find out in 2 minutes by watching this video.

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Intrigued and looking for more information about ATPCO's standards process? 
Read our Standard for Standards (PDF).



By David Smith

David Smith, Head of Industry Standards, has 28 years of experience working in the airline industry in the travel distribution ecosystem. Within 10 years at a major European airline, and 18 years at ATPCO, he has experience in finance, business process re-engineering, program management, commercial negotiation, data distribution, and standards creation and management. He is also a board member of the US-based Society for Standards Professionals.