Getting back to basics to boost your bottom line: ATPCO 101 Seminars

16 July 2018
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Revenue Management is extremely critical to the success of an airline, but pricing terms and ATPCO concepts often fly right over the heads of people who are outside the airline revenue management and pricing teams.

ATPCO Consulting is an industry partner who has developed a plain-language seminar series on the basics of air pricing and related concepts. These seminars focus on how air pricing works, how ATPCO facilitates it, what the industry best practices are, and what executives need to know about the critical processes related to fare management and distribution.

What are you missing?
You might not consider that implementing fares and rules via ATPCO is a key element in the overall value chain of your commercial strategy. But fare and rule data influences every corner of your business, from shopping to fulfillment, and understanding how to make the most of available tools can mean the difference between a growing company or a stagnating one—or worse, one that’s losing market share.

From sales to merchandising, from loyalty to revenue accounting, and everywhere in between.
Knowing how ATPCO data, structures, and processing work (especially for Negotiated Fares) can give your salespeople leverage and flexibility when they are negotiating corporate contracts, whereas an uninformed salesperson could miss an opportunity.

Building a common understanding of the language around pricing and ATPCO’s role can break down barriers inside your organization. Identifying gaps in communications between various teams within your commercial department can reduce confusion, ensure accuracy, and streamline workflows across your entire organization.

Understanding how fares, rules, brands, and ancillary offerings interact with each other can make business strategies smarter. You can get fares to market faster when you don’t have excessive amounts of back-and-forth between Sales, Pricing, and Revenue Management.

Go straight to the source.
Airline pricing is complex, but knowledge is power. With all the recent advances in this area such as NDC, Dynamic Pricing, Ancillaries, and Branded Fares it is easy to overlook core applications behind these processes. Don’t let your competitors beat you with basics.  ATPCO Consulting can explain all this and more, and how it applies to your specific business needs. We’ve provided these ATPCO 101 seminars, along with pricing assessments and benchmarking, to more than 50 customers worldwide.

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By David Julias

David brings over 20 years of ATPCO, airline pricing, distribution, and fare management experience to his current role providing customers with innovative solutions across a wide spectrum of fare and fare-related issues. Having created the ATPCO Consulting team in 2012, the department has grown to a staff of five and realized departmental revenue growth averaging more than 20% per year. In addition to his many years of ATPCO experience, David spent six years as an air pricing consultant with Sabre Airline Solutions, where he participated in nine PSS migrations and specialized in the implementation of automated exchange and refund projects. David holds degrees in international relations and business administration from Jacksonville University in Florida and is conversant in Spanish. An avid traveler and outdoorsman, David has visited over 90 countries, enjoys golf, baseball and hiking, and summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2013.