Airline buzz word decoded: What is a branded fare?

1 January 2018
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When an airline chooses to bundle its airfares with options and features, such as refundability and miles accrual, or a pre-reserved seat, baggage, and meal, it is branding fares.

Airlines use this practice to promote the features that set them apart to build both brand recognition and loyalty -- and it allows flyers to select the experience that best fits their preferences and the purpose of their journey.

Clear display of included and optional services as well as features increases conversion rate and promotes customer retention. Airlines can make the decision-making process easier for passengers by providing comparison charts and infographics displaying each of the options and showing which are bundled into the branded fare.

While airlines have a choice when it comes to their branded fares solution provider, ATPCO is gaining airline customers monthly. The simplicity of data input to “marry” their fares with their features allows airlines to distribute their branded fares to all systems and reach millions of customers.

Air Canada pioneered Branded Fares. Delta’s revenues are skyrocketing today thanks to them. And Lufthansa, Etihad, American Airlines, and Virgin Australia are all among the 80 airlines taking advantage of branded fares with ATPCO. Take the opportunity to speak with an ATPCO branded fares professional, and learn how to benefit from the ATPCO expertise.

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By Beth Taylor

Beth leads marketing for ATPCO, with a focus on transformational strategies that deliver value to their more than 500 airline and channel customers. She leads with 15+ years of experience across the airline industry, big tech, consulting, and international finance, and has a passion for developing ideas that combine data with creativity to create happier customer experiences – both digital and in-person. She holds degrees from Boston University, James Madison University, and University of Cambridge.